About Us

Our Experience

Michael Stogsdill is a highly trained and experienced, ACTAR accredited, accident reconstructionist.  He is a retired police officer with nearly 2 decades of experience  investigating the causes of thousands of accidents.  

Mr. Stogsdill is an instructor with:

  • AIRS, Inc. in accident reconstruction courses
  • Laser Technologies, Inc. in mapping equipment
  • Bosch Crash Data Retrieval, a tool to collect data from event data recorders

Our Work

Mr. Stogsdill provides reconstructions and training to private law firms, law enforcement agencies, district attorneys, and others who are in need of collision analysis and diagramming needs.  

Why Us?

Many times crash survivors or their family members struggle to identify what caused a crash to occur.  We provide answers and closure to these questions. 




P.O. Box 2856 Loveland, CO 80539